I 100% default to yes as a mum. There are many times when we have to say no for solid reasons and I like those to stand out as reasonable exceptions That said, I have a well behaved, straight A student, so my causes to say no are few.

We don't play games here anymore, sadly. Hard to find games for 2. We have an entire closet full of them, however, if anyone comes over!

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I love this challenge to my thinking about how saying ‘No’ is important in my journey of learning to set better boundaries and overcompensating as a parent to raise kids who don’t get everything they want.

Joy is important and why should I keep such a lid on theirs?

Azul is one of my recent favorite tabletop games. The New York Times suite of games are the ones I’m drawn to most often: wordle, mini crosswords, and connections in particular

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I’m not, like, proud of these answers, they are just the truth so I figured I’d share them. I don’t have any games I play anymore. And they aren’t on my phone or computer or desktop. I have a few in my closet I like, but with a 2yr old, it feels like I haven’t had time to play games in forever.

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