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I've been chipping away this myself this week. What I've found interesting is how little I have to say in some categories, in any of the columns, and how much I have to say in ALL the columns in others.

Areas where I was reaching for much to say either in reflection or intention:

* Friends & Community

* Emotions & Spirituality

* Learning & Knowledge

* Hobbies & Creativity

Areas where I filled the columns up almost without thinking:

* Health & Fitness

* Work & Business

Was interesting to see that this helped me see an inbalance in my focus and energy. In some cases, I think that's just what it is right now. Some things are occupying more of my energy at the expense of others; impossible to fill all the cups all the time. But, generally, I'd like to have more to say next year about Friends & Community and Hobbies & Creativity which really took a backseat this year.

Great exercise!

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